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First show complete and sneak peek of whats to come

So yesterday was our first show, Dragondaze down in Newport. It was a fun day seeing both new and old faces and I really enjoyed being there and I have learnt several lessons for next time already.

Now I won’t waste any further time before going into the bit you all want to see, the previews of what goodies are coming soon 😀 .

Firstly my display for the day, small but perfectly formed if you ask me.


Below you can see a group shot of the Brute command which will be coming soon, Just waiting on a few more goodies (yes more goodies) to come so that I can get a master mould made up. These should be available before the end of the year, or at least that is my plan and will be in metal. From Left to right Banner, Captain, Drummer, Shaman.



A close up on the banner options, this set will come with both the banner and the Icon shown


And finally below we have a set of troll masters these awesome models are going to be kickstarted before the end of the year to get them into production moulds and maybe a couple more sculpts done as well, I am really pleased with these and I cannot wait for these to be available.




As you can see we are planning this year on increasing our range in goblins, brutes and trolls with more stuff coming soon, if there is anything you want to see please feel free to comment below or on our Facebook Page or in our Facebook Group.

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