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Troll Kickstarter Incoming

As hinted in the previous blog post we have a upcoming Kickstarter for our trolls. Now what that post did not indicate was any details on when the Kickstarter was coming, or anything other than a few pictures of the trolls at the show and that a Kickstarter was coming. As such I have written the below to hopefully answer as many questions as possible on this subject prior to the launch of the Kickstarter.

When is the Kickstarter running?

Well I am pleased to announce firstly that this Kickstarter will be launched at 19:00 BST on Friday 14th October* and run for just over 2 weeks until 18:59 BST on Saturday 29th October.

So what is being Kickstarted?

What our initial goal is to get our four sculpts into production moulds, these are currently only in master moulds. Three of the four sculpts will make a squad like box and the other will be a character.

The Three Trolls:




And the character Troll Chieftain:


Those Trolls look nice, how big are they?

Below you can the size comparison between one of our trolls, a Games-workshop Cave troll and a Mantic Troll, as you can see we are similar in size to the Cave troll standing 55mm tall feet to top of the head, and we are considerably bigger than the Mantic Troll.


OK so how much are these Trolls?

for the Kickstarter these trolls are available in several deals, firstly to buy a single troll of your choice is £8 + postage, a Pack of the three trolls is £20 + postage, and then we have couple of bundle offers, firstly we have the “Troll Clan” where you get two packs of three trolls and a Troll character for £42 + postage and finally we have a Troll army, in the Troll army you get five packs of the three trolls, yes five, and a Troll Character for £85 + postage.


*If our Facebook page gets to 30 likes, we will launch the Kickstarter a day early

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